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Supporting the careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.
Supporting careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.


Aoudla Pudlat: Resplendent Birds

Aoudla Pudlat: Resplendent Birds

Birds are a source of endless fascination and joy for many observers. While migrations brings multitudes of birds through the province, Craft Ontario has a resident flock.

Inuit artist Aoudla Pudlat created avian images which are fanciful and delightfully drawn with radiating flight feathers that convey an energetic sense of movement as if lifting from the page. 

Gradients of colour and graphic marks skillfully combine to describe the bird’s plumage and vibrant characters.

Before passing away in 2006, Pudlat was an accomplished and versatile artist working across multiple styles and mediums.

Beginning as a sculptor in the 1960’s and taking an apprenticeship at the Kinngait Studios (Cape Dorset Studios) in the 1970’s where he honed his printmaking and drawing skills. Aoudla Pudlat produced print editions for other artists and was best known for his own lithographs and illustrations.

colourful drawing of preening bird with wings raised

Pudlat was capable of producing highly realistic illustrations with finely observed details as well as exploring through drawing more fantastical imagery. Throughout his artistic practice he continued to experiment with playful positioning and framing of his subject matter.


Aoudla Pudlat is well represented within public collections including the Canadian Museum of History, The Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Inuit Collection of McGill University.

See the whole collection here!


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