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Locally handmade and one of a kind. Sustainable holiday giving.
Locally handmade. Sustainable holiday giving.
Featured Artist: Brad Turner, January 4th to 23rd

Featured Artist: Brad Turner, January 4th to 23rd

Visit the Craft Ontario Shop from January 4th to 23rd to see our feature of blown glass by Brad Turner. 

Toronto-based glass artist Brad Turner creates sculptural and functional glass objects with a focus on diversity, craftsmanship, and conceptual originality. Using the unique material characteristics of glass, he aims to create well-made, thoughtful objects that add relevant content to the world's creative landscape. His functional work is linked through the personal values he employs, including clean aesthetics, simple solutions, and a responsible use of material. Turner’s glasswork seeks to elevate the medium’s properties: the rare combination of strength and fragility, the unmistakable relationship with light and optics, and its roots in vessel-making and functional design. 



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