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Supporting the careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.
Supporting careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.


Featured Artist: Jeff Goodman Studio

Featured Artist: Jeff Goodman Studio

Visit the Craft Ontario Shop to see featured work from the Jeff Goodman Studio, September 6th - 20th!

The Jeff Goodman Studio was established in 1989. Goodman built a studio environment where designers, artists and architects can collaborate and fully explore the infinite possibilities of glass.

Today, Executive Director and designer Sylvia Lee works with a team to create colourful, fluid and organic pieces. Glass-workers Blaise Campbell, Nick Chase, Evan Butters, and Aidan Crichton use a combination of casting, blowing, cold-working and carving techniques to realize the studio’s creative visions.

- $18,000

The Abacus Screen was developed by the studio as a product for architects and designers to merge the beauty of glass into the architecture of a space. The Abacus is a modular, customizable screen that brings the colour and materiality of blown glass to life in any residential or commercial space.

- $800 ea.

These gracefully draped glass folders play on the concept of new and old technology – the manila folder versus a computer folder icon. Designer Sylvia Lee reflects on the modern generation who will likely not experience such reliance on physical, paper objects as the world moves more towards a digital existence.

- lg. $4800, sm. $4700

With legs inspired by stilted homes and bamboo scaffolding, the Sticks tables feature Temple Glass – a handmade glass surface invented and fabricated by the studio for the Baha’I Temple of South America.

- lg. $450, sm. $350

Individually hand-blown bowls in a variety of colours and forms emulate the topographical lines on a map. The combination of shiny interior and frosted exterior surfaces emphasize the curvilinear lines of the forms and create a gentle contrast in colour. They can be displayed free-standing or wall-mounted.  

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