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Featured Artists: Elycia SFA and Rachael Wong

Featured Artists: Elycia SFA and Rachael Wong

Mounted on the *new Craft Ontario Shop feature wall until June 17th, 2019


The work of artists Elycia SFA and Rachael Wong demonstrate how craft pieces can include layers of meaning through the materiality of an object. While creating
visually distinct work, each artist explores themes of identity and place with their pieces.

Rachael Wong's headshotRachael Wong is a Toronto-based artist. Her work explores the relationship between the body and the space it inhabits, as well as the meaning of objects. She considers her formal relationship to physical spaces as well as the personal and shared histories involved, and the effect of perception and influence.

Rachael holds a BFA in Glass from Alberta College of Art and Design and an MFA in Sculpture/Dimensional Studies from Alfred University. She currently lives and works in Toronto.


Rachael Wong's installation work



Pattern and Form 5 & 10, Paper and ink

Waterjet cut glass, wire,









Elycia SFA's headshotElycia SFA is a textile artist based in Toronto. Her work explores personal narrative and the deconstruction of memory, nostalgia, and loss by portraying these concepts in the form of handwoven cloth. Using weaving to fabricate images of locations and objects in transition over time, the textile becomes a material archive of memory, re-making the image within the cloth.

Elycia attended OCADU for Material Art and Design:Fibre, and graduated in 2015. She was accepted into Harbourfront Centre’s AIR program in 2016 and recieved the Helen Frances Gregor Award in 2017.





Textile stampsUSA Hot Air Balloon Stamp, Handwoven silk linen with sewing thread inlay

textiles stampJapan Plants Stamp
Handwoven silk linen with sewing
thread inlay




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