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Supporting the careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.
Supporting careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.


GBC JEWELS – 2021 George Brown College Jewellery Arts Graduate Show

GBC JEWELS – 2021 George Brown College Jewellery Arts Graduate Show

Visit Craft Ontario September 11th to October 6th to see our feature of jewellery by George Brown graduating students! Cover image: Stink Bugs by Jess Bischoff, photo by Paul Ambtman (Digital By Design). 

Craft Ontario is excited to partner with George Brown to showcase the work of the Jewellery Arts graduating students from the class of 2021. 

On display in the Craft Ontario windows September 11th until October 6th, GBC JEWELS is a collection of thesis work from the Jewellery Arts program at George Brown College. These pieces are the result of work 13 students completed in their final year of their degree. 

These incredible pieces and more by emerging artists can be seen in our front window! See the GBC Jewels collection online.

Images by Digital By Design. 

Moldy Boi Ring by Marty Adem

Mold comes in a wide assortment of colours and shapes, but is
often disregarded, tossed aside, and deemed as dangerous. With this
collection, Marty Adem aims to bring the beauty of these often-overlooked organisms into the world of jewellery, highlighting them with the use of precious metals and
traditional goldsmithing techniques combined with the patination of copper
and brass.

Trumpet Earrings by Alisha Ansems

This collection represents the experience of music through the aesthetics of Cubism. By reconstructing instruments to incorporate multiple viewpoints, Alisha Ansems seeks to visualize the sound and emotion created by the musician.

Cubes Gold Ring by Chenrui Zhang

Chenrui Zhang's jewellery is inspired by the Rubik’s Cube. This toy is made up
of the simplest geometry; squares and cubes that show a diverse array of
colours and infinite possibilities. This collection aims to imbue jewellery with a similar simplicity and playfulness.

Midwest Necklace by Hunter Claus

Life was truly free and rugged during the era of the American cowboy. Using themes of the last frontier to show what life then was about, these pieces represent the old fragments of barn board and rope that scattered the vast landscape of the American Midwest.

Paisley Ring by Sara Farhangi

Sara Farhangi's designs are inspired by the paisley motif, a symbol of life and eternity. From East to West, paisley has been a popular motif
throughout design history. In her jewellery collection, Sara explores movement,
rhythm, and harmony through the use of the paisley pattern.

"Unearth" Linked Chain by Jess Bischoff

Jess Bischoff's collection is inspired by Martian astrogeology and specific research-gathering processes associated with NASA’s Mars Exploration Program: drilling, core-sampling, and sample caching. Her work focuses on the significance of these processes, and their importance in examining the mysterious rock and regolith of Mars.

Movement Ring by HyeJin Kim

Reversal is a collection that uses kinetics in jewellery. Gemstones are
used as focal points within geometric compositions that move. This movement
enables the wearer to change the jewellery and show a reverse or alternate view. The Movement Ring can be worn two ways: flip the cover to conceal or reveal the gemstone.

Highway Necklace by Woori Kwon

If you look down on the night view of the city from a high place, you can see winding and complicated highways with fast moving cars shining brightly. Woori Kwon's jewellery designs are inspired by this aspect of the cityscape. 

Past & Present Ring by Yewon Min

Inspired by the juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary Korean architecture and ornaments, the Past & Present collection bridges elements from the Joseon Dynasty in the past with present contemporary design elements from 21st century Korea.

Shutters Brooch by 
Mina Saneei

Architecture has evolved from static structures to dynamic forms, a concept captured in this collection by Mina Saneei. Her designs are inspired by this architectural evolution, and moveable parts make her jewellery come alive with the wearer’s movement. 

"Home" Pendant by Michelle Sohn

Michelle Sohn's collection is an interpretation of ancient Korean architecture
through a contemporary lens. She incorporates various forms including scalloped roof-tiles and rooftop silhouettes to create three dimensional abstract
compositions that evoke a sense of home. Through highlighting the beauty of
Korean architecture, Sohn aims to honour and re-connect with her cultural roots.

 Jazz Groove Earrings by Tanya Turchin

Tanya Turchin explores how the flow and dynamism of jazz music can be expressed in jewellery. The essence of jazz lies in improvisation and polyrhythms - elements that reflect the very nature of human thought. Applying these same characteristic elements to her making process, Tanya aims to visualize the essence of jazz through this collection.


Ring in Gold by Xinwen Zhang

This collection is based on the architectural concept of
deconstructivism. Xinwen Zhang's sculptural jewellery utilizes forms and symbols from objects of timekeeping and electronics while the 4th dimension itself is represented through fragmentation.

See George Brown's catalogue of this exhibition!

Photos by Digital by Design: a photography and design studio specializing in the jewellery industry. Partnering with this company provides the graduates with the professional quality images of jewellery seen here.

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