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Supporting the careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.
Supporting careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.


Holiday Cheer & Gift Inspiration

Holiday Cheer & Gift Inspiration

The countdown is on! December is here, there’s a chill ❄️ in the air, and the holidays are fast approaching. 

Craft Ontario Shop has holiday gifts for everyone on your list. We’ve curated the following collections to help you find the perfect handmade item: 

Stocking stuffers! 🎈


Knit Bird Ornaments, by Maurie Todd ・ Handyman Bottle Opener, by Basic Spirit ・ Tree & Home Ornaments, by Lesley McInally ・ Handmade Soap & Candles, by Mother Earth Essentials ・ Wood Knives, by Arbutus Arts ・ Leather Animal Love Ornaments, by Karen Gunna Weber


Craft inspired by animals and nature. 🌿

handmade artwork themed by animals

Carved Stone Fish, by Toonoo Sharky ・ Flexible Wooden Snake, by Anne O’Hearn ・ Flower & Insect Brooch, by Juliana Scherzer ・ Sealskin Seal Toy, by Geela Nakashuk ・ Original Drawing, by Meelia Kelly


For your chicest friend: the black and metal collection.⚡️ 

Artwork themed by black and metal

The Black Sheep, by Erin Robertson ・ Crow Tumbler, by Lisa Creskey ・ Black & Gold Vase, by Audrey Mah ・ Steampunk Clock, by Roger Wood ・ Wobble Pendant Necklace, by Shelbey Dodds


Bling✨  jewellery for every style.


Hudson's Bay Cufflinks, by Dimitri Gagnon Morris ・ Twig Necklace, by Gillian Batcher ・ Story Brooch, by Vivienne Jones ・ Thread Flower Brooch, by Amanda McCavour ・ Blue Glass Earrings, by Nadia Tasci ・ Orange Coral Earrings, by Magali Thibault Gobeil ・ Wood Earrings, by Adam Dunn ・ Brass Cuff, by Pasha Moezzi ・ Glass Flower Bead Earrings, by Natalie Borghese


Craft Ontario Shop is offering curbside pickup, shipping, and delivery to ensure you receive your items before Christmas. Please see our order-by dates to avoid disappointment!

Thank you for supporting handmade craft! 

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