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Supporting the careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.
Supporting careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.


Landscape Wall Plates

Landscape Wall Plates

We have a new collection of decorative wall plates by the talented, Lesley McInnally.
Picture work: Ceramic | $60-$150
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Lesley McInally completed her Bachelor of Design Honours Degree in Ceramics and Printmaking at Dundee University, Scotland. For the first 8 years of her career she worked as a full time professional ceramic artist producing both functional and decorative ceramics for galleries throughout the UK. Additionally she taught ceramics in various educational environments both to adults and children. In 2004 she immigrated to Canada where she continued her studio practice in Cookstown, Ontario. Since arriving in Canada Lesley developed her unique style of stretched slab hand built paperclay sculptures and vessels which contain a rich depth of surface texture. Incorporating her printmaking skills she has also developed a highly tactile surface using coloured porcelain slips, underglazes and a mono print technique.

We're proud to have Lesley as a Craft Ontario Member, for a deeper look into her career visit:

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