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Mother's Day Shopping Guide

Mother's Day Shopping Guide

Mother's Day is a big deal at Craft Ontario Shop! Almost anything in our entire collection is the perfect gift. Do you know why?

Because it's a proven fact that mothers enjoy thoughtful handmade gifts. ❤️

We've got lots of new work that will suit all kinds of mothers or loved ones who you want to honour this season.

Mother and Child, by Napachie Ashoona  $725.00

New ceramics by Terrie MacDonald, various prices

Glass Birds by Nicole Tremblay, $45-$150

Handmade Lidded Basket by Sarah Mickiyuk, $800

We have a variety of beautiful baskets!

Beaded card holders by Acho Dene Native Crafts $85
4 Colours to choose from!

Sweethearts by Mariel Waddell $25
Lots fo different colours to choose from!


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