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Supporting the careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.
Supporting careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.


Show Love by Giving Handmade!

Show Love by Giving Handmade!

Show your loved ones you care with a handmade gift this Valentine's Day. Carefully crafted by hand, these items were made with skill, creativity and love! See some of our gift selections below.

Jewellery for all budgets and tastes

Talented jeweller and lapidarist Brenda Roy creates intricate pieces with precious and semi-precious stones. Select from her architecture-inspired collection!


Arc earrings by Emma Piirtoniemi are modern and eye-catching! Select from a tapered design or a sphere in these playful geometric pieces!


Get ready for spring with these colourful and intentionally mis-matched Flower Earrings by Alice Yujing Yan.


Dimitri Gagnon Morris's Rind Earrings and Rind Pendant Necklace create a simple and elegant set. Available in bright or oxidized sterling silver. 


 See more jewellery here!

Looking for jewellery gift boxes? Try one of these intricately hand-stitched birchbark boxes, decorated with dyed porcupine quills, by Dene artist LeeAnn Nande. 


Keep them cozy

Soft and warm, Judith Rygiel's 100% Silk Scarves are hand-woven and then hand-painted by the artist, so no two are the same! Select from a variety of vibrant colour combinations.  

Stay warm on outdoor strolls in these Knit Toques and Mitts by Saska Knits


Brighten up their day

A hand-formed Glass Heart by Mariel Waddell is a simple way to say "I love you" while brightening up their day! 


Birds on a Branch by Carol Nesbitt symbolize friendship, romantic love, family, or any other important relationship in your life! The birds are hand-formed in iridescent black glass and embedded on a piece of organically weathered driftwood. 


Greg Kawczynski makes quirky creatures that make great company! Select from a variety of unique birds or a chameleon!


 Inuit sculptures make for a timeless gift that will elevate your home decor.  


Give them a place to put their keepsakes and treasures, in a beautiful Art Deco wood inlay box or Oak Leaf wood inlay box by David Atkinson. 


Not sure what to give? Express your love through a greeting card or let them select their own gift with a Craft Ontario Shop Gift Card!





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