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Supporting the careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.
Supporting careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.


Spring Recommendations!

Spring Recommendations!

With longer, brighter days many people feel like getting outdoors, eating out and going out with friends. Celebrate this change in mind and body with a gift for yourself or a loved one.

We've collected a list of hot items for spring! These works are perfect examples of Craft Ontario Shop's commitment to quality made pieces, lovingly crafted by Canadian artists and craftspeople.

These brooches get us geared up for spring! Juliana Scherzer’s work is visually clean and simple. Connect with your love for the natural world and wear it proudly on your lapel!

These glasses are a textural delight. Stump-like glassware in a variety of colours will brighten up a drink of any kind. See Brad Copping's whole collection.

Patrycja Zwierzynska is a talented Toronto based jewellery designer. Her solid silver pieces are artful small sculptures for the body.

Michelle Mendlowitz creates graphical ceramics with organic and expertly applied glazes. This landscape bowl is one of the few we have left.

Baltic amber, dates from 44 million years ago! This piece of modern statement jewellery, highlights this ancient material beautifully. See the Studio Tiny Loft jewellery collection.

This series, by Zara Gardner, are functional cups that depict intricate scenes of ocean life and the impacts of plastic pollution. Different scenarios wrap around the cup telling a story of the often deadly interactions that marine life face when confronted with a floating plastic bag, or a ghost net for example.

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