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Supporting the careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.
Supporting careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.


Featured Artist: Jill Price

Featured Artist: Jill Price

UN/making the Mould: 
Knittens, Knit Knacks and other Messy Material Entanglements.

"ENTANGLEMENTS began as a series of soft sculptures created from discarded and found textiles that physically signified how all things are part of the same material cycle where objects become land, land becomes human, and how both humans and their objects affect geographies way beyond their sites and moments of production."

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Cone Head by Jill Price

"Upon incorporating prefabricated porcelain figurines that often present antiquated and stereotypical understandings of different cultures, gender and sexuality, I began to uptake methods of unmaking and word play to redress narratives that have colonized, restricted, exploited, expended and confined human and more-than-human bodies."

Over Indulgence by Jill Price
Over Indulgence by Jill Price

"Also testaments to my own material excess as a consumer and a maker, the mixed media approach of combining found and thrifted objects rather than creating clay or textiles from scratch, aims to highlight the value and potential in existing objects for imagining and crafting new and multiple realities."  

Wall Flower by Jill Price

Jill Price is an interdisciplinary Canadian artist of German, Scottish, Welsh and unknown descent grateful to be living, working and playing on the traditional territory of the Wendat Nation and Anishinaabeg people in Barrie, Ontario. Working at the intersections of craft, drawing, and performance, Price is interested in the histories and agency of materials. Currently a SSHRC PhD Research Fellow in Cultural Studies at Queen's University, Price is investigating how different methods of unmaking can help usher in more equitable, sustainable and ethical worlds. To read more about Price's practice visit

Retail Feature at Craft Ontario Shop
Jill Price Retail Feature at Craft Ontario Shop
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