Worn adornment and personal accessories.
Diagonal Knit Cowl Sold out
Woven Blanket Large Sold out
Lap Blanket Gold and Green
Lap Blanket Blue and Brown
Lap Blanket Pink
Deerskin Moccasin
Kanada Moccasin Black
Kanada Moccasin Charcoal
Kanada Moccasin Oak
Long Breezy Cotton-Silk Blend Scarf
Breezy Cotton-Silk Blend Scarf
Seal Fur Men's Mittens
Seal Fur Women's Mittens
Drawstring Leather Bag
Black fur trim mitts with beaded detailing
Wool Dryer Balls
Trillium Scarf
Knitting Bowl
Purple and Turquoise Scarf Sold out
Kenojuak Ashevak Scarf Sold out
Tencel Scarf
Nesting Birds Scarf
Purple Flower Oval Cedar Basket
Igloo Jewellery Box
Purple Flower Cedar Basket
White Flower Cedar Basket
Blue and Green Scarf
Qiviut Headband
Lace Qiviut Scarf
Qiviut Hat

Qiviut Hat

Joy Tote Large
Joy Tote Mini
Oversize Tote Bag
Full Butchers Apron
Tote Bag

Tote Bag

Half Apron