2019 Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection

Since 1959 Dorset Fine Arts has released an annual collection of Inuit prints created by the artists of Kinggait (Cape Dorset), Nunavut, in the Canadian Arctic. This world-renowned selection of prints demonstrates the mastery and unique style of the Cape Dorset artists, as well as the diverse and divine inspirations of the North.
01. Floral Transformation Sold out
02. Braiding My Hair
03. Owl’s Reflection Sold out
04. Sedna’s Creation Sold out
05. Summer Treat Sold out
06. Basking Walrus Sold out
07. Flight Sold out

07. Flight

08. Fox

08. Fox

09. Blushing Bird Sold out
10. Heads Up Sold out
11. Prowling Bear Sold out
12. Feeding Ravens
13. Sedna & Fulmer
14. Ammuumajuq (Clam) Sold out
15. Caribou Rescue
17. School of Char Sold out
18. Night & Day Sold out
19. Antlers & Bones
21. Playful Bears
22. Happy Narwhal Sold out
23. Lookout Sold out
24. Owlettes Sold out
26. Three Women Playing Sold out
27. Bear Crossing
28. Young Char Sold out
29. Confrontation
30. Agile Fox Sold out
31. Electric Raven Sold out
32. Tundra Wolf Sold out
Glittering Walrus
Leaping Fox
Peregrine Falcon
Silaksiaq (Beautiful Day)