Repeat Flower Pattern Dish

by Eiko Ceramics

Ceramic dish expertly crafted using the nerikomi technique. This process is very labour intensive and, as a result, less commonly seen today. Eiko's wares are thin, light and smooth. An exquisite piece.

8" diameter x 3.5" tall

Eiko Maeda studied Japanese lacquer (Urushi) at the Joshibi University of Art and Design in Tokyo. During that time she grew to appreciate the deep connection between art, culture and Japanese history, while developing a particular interest in the tradition of Japanese ceramics. Years later, after moving to Montreal, Eiko chose to pursue ceramics at the Visual Arts Centre, where she learned to translate existing skills into a new medium.
Today, Eiko works in her home studio in Woodbridge, Ontario. Her work, devoted to expressing elegance, feminine beauty, delicacy and modesty of Japanese culture.