From Past Cape Dorset Print Collections (2007-2018)

Since 1959 Dorset Fine Arts has released an annual collection of Inuit prints created by the artists of Kinngait (Cape Dorset), Nunavut, in the Canadian Arctic. This world-renowned selection of prints demonstrates the mastery and unique style of the Cape Dorset artists, as well as the diverse and divine inspirations of the North.
Narwhal Spirit
Spirit in the Limelight
Pebble Man
Pebble Woman
Arctic Vixen, 2015
Song of Abundance
Noble Owl
Sedna's Repose
Pipe Dream
Shells (Siupiru)
Rutting Caribou
Treasures of the Sea
Polar Bear in Camp
Startled Hare
Iqaluviniup Qajunga
Diving Sedna
Gilded Avataq
Tundra Waves
Hunting Bear
Morning Breeze
Counting Caribou