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Puffed Triangle Stud Earrings - 18k gold


Beautifully designed, lightweight studs. Individually handmade with precision and care.

18 karat gold stud earrings with gold backings.
1.1 x 8cm

“Wearing jewellery is another way we communicate with people around us. The
jewellery you wear speaks for you and gives away something about you to others. By wearing something one can express themselves, give social cues or affiliate themselves with something they feel strongly about.”
The power which jewellery has to communicate and the social understandings that many forms already have makes it the perfect platform for Margaret to express the themes of identity, community and value which are ideas that recur
in her work.
Margaret believes the making process, using traditional metal and gold smithing techniques, is an amazing way of learning and trying to understand our complex physical world. Her aim through her finished work is to be ideologically challenging, conceptually understood and all the while to make the world a more beautiful place.