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Supporting Canadian artists and craftspeople since 1931
Supporting artists and craftspeople since 1931

Life Liveth in Me Scarf


Yaw Tony's silk scarves bring together design, beauty and cultural heritage.

Commissioned for the 2021 Spring/Summer issue of Studio Magazine, this scarf is a stunning example of Yaw's work for his brand, Life Liveth in Me.

100% Silk
116.8cm x 86.4cm

LLiM (Life Liveth in Me) is a design/artistic brand dedicated to the creation of inimitable quality products, an odyssey into a world of visual journeys where artistry and character likewise demonstrate a mastery of design. All scarves and textile patterns are designed in Toronto and are printed on 100% silk or natural fabrics in London, the U.K. The aesthetic, intellectual purposes and design concepts are influenced by the sophisticated details of African adages combined with elements from western culture. It is the 'cameo gem marriage' the fusion of two distinct elements into one. All the patterns, motifs, and details are first hand-drawn, painted, and then transferred into colours to give them form and where the stories come to life. The scarf collection is the first stage in a larger series of applications for the Life Liveth brand, this idiosyncratic maximalist aesthetic ranges anywhere from fashion, wallpaper, furniture, porcelain, cushions, and candleholders to blankets, carpet and so much more. The design patterns do not only speak a beautiful language of reinvention and rebirth to a form of decoration that could be printed or deployed on any surface but are also enriched with moral idioms and folklore that arouse the value and worth in each one through our contribution to humanity.

Colour and its connection to humanity is an intimate thing. Yaw Tony's artistic practice is rooted both in the idea of human value as well as how that idea is refined and re-expressed through colour. Like proverbs and parables, he plays with the obfuscation of truths, weaving duality into his work. Preeminent in his work is the place of storytelling. In his work, he aims to not simply capture the beauty and freeze it within a frame, but rather to paint ideas and questions. Who am I? Identity. Where am I from? Source. Why am I here? Purpose. What can I do? Potential. Where am I going? Destiny. These questions are the source of human motivations, actions and they control everything in life, love, self-love, happiness, what you value, what you wear, the vocation you are in, the economies, and the crimes in the world, they control the social driving force of humanity. How truthfully each of us answers these questions (we are someone else) is a reflection on how close we are to our true deepest selves, rather than to the selves society makes up for us. These are the explorations Yaw‰۪s work aims to lead us through.