The Walrus Who Escaped

by Rachel and Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley
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Long, long ago, living creatures could wear any shape they wished. Some flew to the Moon. Others dove to the bottom of the Sea. Animals could have any shape they wished, so they chose whatever they thought was lovely.

In The Walrus Who Escaped, young readers will discover a walrus with beautiful, spiralled tusks, not the long, straight tusks that we recognize today!

When Raven comes across Walrus expertly diving for clams, she quickly becomes jealous of Walrus’s great clam-hunting skills. So, just as Walrus is about to surface with a tasty mouthful of clams, Raven casts a spell on the ocean, freezing Walrus in place! Walrus’s curly, twisting tusks become frozen in the enchanted ice. But Raven soon learns that his magic is no match for Walrus’s great physical strength. Walrus manages to escape, but his tusks will never be the same!

Written by Rachel and Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley | Illustrated by Anthony Brennan

Ages 4-6
32 pages | Full-colour illustrations throughout
October 2014

Inhabit Media Inc. is the first Inuit-owned, independent publishing company in the Canadian Arctic. We aim to promote and preserve the stories, knowledge, and talent of the Arctic, while also supporting research in Inuit mythology and the traditional Inuit knowledge of Nunavummiut (residents of Nunavut, Canada’s northernmost territory). Our authors, storytellers, and artists bring traditional knowledge to life in a way that is accessible to readers both familiar and unfamiliar with Inuit culture and traditions.

Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley was born at the northernmost edge of Baffin Island, in Canada’s Arctic. She grew up learning traditional survival lore from her father. Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley was born at the southernmost edge of Ontario. He grew up learning traditional woodcraft. They were brought together by a love of nature and each other. Together, they write Arctic fantasy.

Anthony Brennan is a Sheridan Collegeeducated illustrator and web designer who lives near Toronto, Ontario. He has produced several books, including Tales from the Tundra by Ibi Kaslik.