Gifts, $150 range

Deep Spalted Maple Wood Tray
Large Spalted Maple Wood Tray
Nora Leather Bag
Red Elm Tray
Ambrosia Maple Tray
Large Olive Wood Tray
Turned Curly Maple Bowl
Green, Blue, Purple Landscape Bowls
White and Multicolour Planters with Base
Rooster Sculpture
Tenmoku Bird Sculpture
Large Rainbow Striped Glass Houses
Egg with Tiny Legs Sold out
Tulip Shield Brass Earrings - Large
Vessel Brass Hoop Earrings
Ebb Brass Hoop Earrings
Large Nerikomi Bowl
Medium Nerikomi Bowl
Brass CataPillar Earrings - Small
Brass Light Dancer Earrings - Large
Brass Acorn Shield Earrings
Goddess Shield Earrings in Brass
Tattoo Pattern Earrings
Beluga Whale Earrings
St Clarens 10 - Maple Bowl
Aged Oak Bowl Sold out
Matisse Earrings
Minimalist Single Ring
Minimalist Tassel Earring
Minimalist Drop Earring
Frida Pearl Pendant Necklace
Large Dreamcatchers