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Tulip Shield Brass Earrings - Large
Vessel Brass Hoop Earrings
Ebb Brass Hoop Earrings
Large Nerikomi Bowl
Medium Nerikomi Bowl
Brass CataPillar Earrings - Small
Brass Light Dancer Earrings - Large
Brass Acorn Shield Earrings
Goddess Shield Earrings in Brass
Tattoo Pattern Earrings
Beluga Whale Earrings
St Clarens 10 - Maple Bowl
Aged Oak Bowl Sold out
Matisse Earrings
Minimalist Single Ring
Minimalist Tassel Earring
Minimalist Drop Earring
Frida Pearl Pendant Necklace
Large Dreamcatchers
Raccoon Bowl
Give a Gift Card
Flexible Wooden Fish
Ceramic Headstand Ring Holders
Blue and White Striped Glass House
Rainbow Striped Glass Houses
Knotted Teapot
Owl by Joanasie Manning

by Joanasie Manning

from $200.00
Medium Raven Studs by Mathew Nuqingak
Arc Earrings Large
Gold and Rose Sphere Earrings
Grey Sphere Earrings
Half Coral Pendant
Third Frosted Coral Earrings
Half Coral Earrings
Half Coral Earrings
Live Edge Serving Bowl