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Egg with Crossed Legs


From the imagination of ceramicist Janet Macpherson: an egg with legs! This egg is relaxing with crossed legs, has been decorated with sgraffito eyes and leaves, and has the legs of a goat! A quirky sculpture that looks good from any angle. 

Approximately 9 x 9 x 9 cm
Porcelain, black underglaze, gold lustre

Janet Macpherson studied ceramics at Sheridan College, and received her MFA at The Ohio State University in 2010. Her solo exhibition A Canadian Bestiary was mounted by the Gardiner Museum in 2017. Janet teaches mould-making at Sheridan College, and she currently lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario.

“Hybrids present us with two things happening simultaneously. They are in flux, one always alluding to and challenging the other. The borders between humans and animals, the manufactured and the natural, the spiritual and the visceral are distinct yet permeable, illustrating differences while creating spaces for wonder and uncertainty.

Using molds cast from found toy animals, hunting decoys and taxidermy forms, I dismantle and re-compose these objects to subtly reveal a discomforting reality. Animal heads and bodies are interchanged, vegetation grows in peculiar places, and faces are masked and obscured. Wrapping forms in damp porcelain sheets - binding, bandaging the figures, contemplating the intentions of these gestures, I examine the boundaries between devotion and coercion, pleasure and pain, animal impulse and domesticity.”