Gifts, $250 range

White Raccoon
Dancing Bear
Red Wing Jay
Bird with Red Crest
Animal Wall Hangings
Architectural Inlay Pendant
Cast Tapered Bowl
Cast Triangle Bowl
Spoons Clock 6359
Raku Bowl
Egg with Crossed Legs
Leather and Amber Drop Necklace
Leather Disks Choker Necklace
Spirillum 'Slice' Brooches
Cocci 'Slice' Brooches
Ginette Leather Bag
Successful Hunt Linocut Print
Rock Ptarmigan Stencil Print
Drum Dancing Linocut Print
Ulukuluit Print
Wooden Toy Train
26. Young Inuk
Shades of Blue Landscape Bowls
Green, Blue, Purple Landscape Bowls
Copper Raku Bird Sculpture
Large Rainbow Striped Glass Houses
Venture Cross-body Bag
Journey Shopping Tote
Origami Tote - Small
St Clarens 5 - Maple Bowl