Gifts, $250 range

Mother Wolf and Cub
Snow Goggles
Standing Black Bear
Bear and Seal
Untitled by Meelia Kelly
Untitled by Meelia Kelly Sold out
Dancing Rabbit Sold out
Spread Winged Owl
Surfacing Narwhal Sold out
Standing Goose Sold out
Lap Blanket Gold and Green
Lap Blanket
Lap Blanket Pink
Red Maple Large Salad Bowl Sold out
Landscape Jug by Sean Robinson


Copper Blue Barrel by Jared Last
Lime Trumpet by Jared Last
Cerulean Amphora by Jared Last
Grey Necked Bottle by Jared Last
Ruby Soft Cone by Jared Last Sold out
Violet Ovoid by Jared Last
14. Ammuumajuq (Clam)
Arch++ Earrings
Whale Basket
Hard Maple Bowl by Rudolph Schafron
Sumac Closed Form Bowl by Ray Prince
Sheep by Erin Robertson


Tulip and Alium Plate by Don McClennen Sold out
Medium Sheep
Sheep by Erin Robertson


Floral Platter by Don McClennan
Large Ulu Earrings by Mathew Nuqingak Sold out
Merge Earrings by Shelbey Dodds Sold out
Junction Earrings - Dark Green by Shelbey Dodds
Broad Strokes Vase Small
Cherry Salad Bowl Sold out
Spalted Maple Bowl
Notched Brass Cuff
Gold Star Web Ring