Give the longevity and quality of a handmade object.
Gold Tooth Shark Jar
Stick Handling by Mary Paningajak (Alaku)
Birthday Wish by Mattiusi Iyaituk
Shallow Sour Cherry Bowl by Ray Prince
Silver Maple Burl Bowl by Doug Magrath Sold out
Juniper Charcuterie Knife by Laura Pitkanen
Juniper Knife by Laura Pitkanen
Glass Bowl with Two Birds by Carol Nesbitt
Smash Serving Spoon Set by Stefanie Dueck Sold out
Small Sheep by Erin Robertson
Tulip Platter by Don McClennen
Small Embroidered Wall Hanging by Julianna Schertzer
Medium Embroidered Wall Hanging by Julianna Schertzer
3 Birds on Driftwood by Carolyn Nesbitt Sold out
Rose Gold Circles Ring
Wood Vase

Wood Vase

Etched Wood House (Floral)
Etched Wood House (Building)
Large Xylen Decanter
Gulf of St-Lawrence Cufflinks
Charles Rennie Art Deco Earrings
Art Deco Bracelet
Ceramic Drip Wall Piece
Oval Nugget Pendant
Tapered Angular Pendant Necklace
Woman with Squash