Give the longevity and quality of a handmade object.
Dinner Plate by Wendy Hutchinson
Pasta Plate by Wendy Hutchinson
Small Cup by Wendy Hutchinson
Salad Plate by Wendy Hutchinson
Landscape Mug by Lesley McInally

Landscape Mug

from $49.00
Mahogany Servers by Karel Aelterman
Letter Opener by Arbutus Arts

Letter Opener

from $15.00
Whistle by Grace Eun Mi Lee


Tall Canister with Cork by Aneela Dias-D'Sousa
Glass Chickadee Sold out
Glass Quail Sold out
Glass Hummingbird Sold out
Floral Mug
Fish Motif Rinsing Bowl
XYLEN Tumblers by Brad Copping
Reindeer Plush
Black Leopard Jar Sold out
Bear Jars
Spotted Bunny Jar
Red Fox Jar
Pebble Studs Sold out
Braided Circular Stud Sold out
Tooth Brooch
Spooning Chopsticks
Serving Board Sold out
Puzzle Ball Earrings
Chevron Bowls
Goose Abstract Sculpture
Smash Condiment Spoon by Stefanie Dueck
Handmade stuffed urban animal characters.
Tote Bag

Tote Bag

Half Apron