Give the longevity and quality of a handmade object.
Arch++ Earrings
Kayak by Maggie Nappartuk


Hard Maple Bowl by Rudolph Schafron
Beech Bowl by Rudolph Schafron

Beech Bowl

Spalted Hard Maple Bowl by Ray Prince
Medium Walnut Bowl by Jeremy Gawen Sold out
Sheep by Erin Robertson


Trillium Box by David Atkinson
Tulip and Alium Plate by Don McClennen
Medium Turquoise Vase by Carol Nesbitt
Platter with Monkeys by Joon Hee Kim Sold out
Medium Sheep
Tulip Platter by Don McClennen
Floral Platter by Don McClennan
Five Birds on Driftwood by Carol Nesbitt
Embroidered Wall Hanging by Julianna Schertzer
Platter by Joon He Kim

Tart Trays

Four Birds on Driftwood by Carolyn Nesbitt
Gold Star Web Ring
Raw Edge Wood Bowl Sold out
Beech Wood Bowl Sold out
Drawstring Leather Bag
Topography Bowl
Emoji Shakers
Fish Carving
Frit Bowl

Frit Bowl

Qiviut Headband
Vive Saddle Bag
Joy Tote Large
Looking Back
Mother Bear and Cub
Mingle Bag

Mingle Bag