Give the longevity and quality of a handmade object.
Wobble Pendant by Shelbey Dodds
Near Sphere Stud by Shelbey Dodds
Drop Cage Earrings
Seal Fur Men's Mittens
Glass Chickadee Sold out
Glass Quail Sold out
Glass Hummingbird Sold out
Subtle Smooth Mug
Subtle Texture Mug
Marbled Mug Sold out
Floral Mug
Fish Motif Serving Bowl Sold out
Fish Motif Rinsing Bowl
Abstract Food Soup Bowl Sold out
Abstract Food Serving Bowl Sold out
Swirl Mug
Burst Mug
Picket Fence Mug
Gold Star Web Ring
Rose Gold Circles Ring
Live Edge Wood Bowl Sold out
Raw Edge Wood Bowl
Red River Moccasins
Charcoal Moccasins
Brown Moccasins
Beech Wood Bowl
Wood Vase

Wood Vase

Etched Wood House (Floral)
Etched Wood House (Building)
XYLEN Large Decanter
XYLEN Small Decanter
Reindeer Plush
Drawstring Leather Bag