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Moonwake Bud Vase

Options: dark orange

These colourful bud vases look great on their own or in a collection! Each piece is one of a kind, with unique ripples and forms. 

Blown glass
Sizes vary, largest is 17 x 8cm

**Please note each of these items are individually handmade, and slight variations in size and colour are to be expected.**

Brad’s vessels begin with a process of abstraction, moving from functionality towards something more expressive of the environment in which he lives.

His functional glasswork can be found in the permanent collections of the Royal Ontario Museum, the Design Exchange, and the Claridge (Bronfman) Collection. 

“I have always made work that reaffirms our ties to the natural world; that acknowledges we are part and parcel of that world.  Many of my earlier pieces dealt with ideas of place and possession.  These were attempts to understand our place in a world where change is the only constant.  While these are concerns that I continue to deal with on a general level, the work has also become more personal, attempting to find the balance in our lives - how we live with each other and with the physical place we find ourselves.  That balance being found in the flow of our lives, through a dynamic equilibrium.”