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When you treat yourself to the luxury of a handmade object, you support a local craftsperson, connect to the maker’s vision and bring beauty into your life.
  • Three Owl Sculpture

    Adamie Qaumagiaq

    This sweet stone carving features a mother owl sheltering her two young owls with her wings.  5 x 6 x 18 cmStone carvingAdamie was born September 1...

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  • Ulu Work Wallhanging (Untitled)

    Leah Aittauq

    An exceptionally stitched and embroidered wall-hanging that illustrates the work of food preparation in a wonderfully graphic image. 77 x 90 cmBoil...

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  • Ulukuluit Print

    Eena Angmarlik

    A Lino cut print from the community of Pangnirtung, depicting colourful ULU (Inuit tools). Lino Cut35cm x 52cm / edition of 35 Pangnirtung (Pangn...

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  • Water and Land Wallhangings (Untitled)

    Annie Taipana

    Taipana’s work is known for her meticulous thread-work, often covering her wall-hangings from border to border. She also adds layers of colour to c...

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  • White Flower Birch Basket

    Karen Cumberland

    This large round basket is handmade using birch bark and gathered spruce root. Once constructed, each basket is decorated with dyed porcupine qu...

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  • Woven Blanket Large


    Hand woven and exquisite, these blankets are both functional and gorgeous. One side of this blanket displays the colourful twill and the other has ...

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