When you treat yourself to the luxury of a handmade object, you support a local craftsperson, connect to the maker’s vision and bring beauty into your life.
Bear Sculpture Sold out
Beluga and Calf Sculpture
Bone Bug Inuit Carving
Canada Goose Feet Basket
Dancing Rabbit Sculpture
Drum Dancing Linocut Print
Embroidered Wall Hanging
Following the Herd
Iluit and Shells Stencil
Inuit Caterpillar Carving
Lap Blanket
Lap Blanket Gold and Green
Lap Blanket Pink
Large Dreamcatchers
Lidded Basket with Seal Sculpture
Lighting Warmth Stencil Print
On the Land Wallhanging
Polar Bear Sculpture Sold out
Prowling Bear Sculpture
Purple Flower Birch Basket
Purple Flower Oval Birch Basket
Rock Ptarmigan Stencil Print
Sealskin Seal by Geela Nakashuk
Small Dreamcatchers Sold out