When you treat yourself to the luxury of a handmade object, you support a local craftsperson, connect to the maker’s vision and bring beauty into your life.
Ambrosia Maple Tray Sold out
Animal Love Ornaments
Animal Wall Hangings
Autumn Maple Leaf Inlay Serving Tray
Baltimore Oriole Gourd Bowl
Bird with Red Crest
Black Satin Bud Vase
Black Satin Vase
Blown Glass Traden Lamp
Blue Fade Fresnel Glass Bowl by Rob Raeside
Bone Bug Inuit Carving
Small Green Vase by Carol Nesbitt
Burial - Ceramic Sculpture
Canada Goose Feet Basket
Cast Tapered Bowl
Cast Triangle Bowl
Ceramic Drip Wall Piece
Ceramic Headstand Ring Holders
Copper Raku Bird Sculpture
Ring Holder by Grace Lee
Dancing Bear
Drum Dancing Linocut Print
Egg with Crossed Legs
Egg with Legs - Bump
Embroidered Spider Brooch
Embroidered Wall Hanging