When you treat yourself to the luxury of a handmade object, you support a local craftsperson, connect to the maker’s vision and bring beauty into your life.
Aluminum Cranes

Aluminum Cranes

from $26.00
Coin Banks
Smash Serving Spoon
Oopik by Mona Netser
Mother and Cub Sold out
soap bottle by Courtney Downman
Large Red Vessel
Small Red Vessel
Orange Perfume Bottle
Following the Herd
Hunched Owl

Hunched Owl

Three House Vessel
Perfume Bottle


Dawn Sky Vase
Curly Sugar Maple Bowl
Maple Burl Bowl Sold out
Silver Maple Bowl
Walnut Bowl
Ambrosia Maple Bowl
Spalted Maple Bowl
Box Elder Bowl
Black Walnut Bowl Sold out
Birch Burl Sold out

Birch Burl



Bear Pipe

Bear Pipe

Glass Chickadee Sold out
Glass Quail
Glass Hummingbird Sold out
Sealskin Seal by Geela Nakashuk
Fish Motif Serving Bowl Sold out
Abstract Food Serving Bowl Sold out
Mama Bear

Mama Bear

from $450.00
Wood Vase

Wood Vase

Etched Wood House (Floral)