Indigenous Gallery

As one of the first establishments to represent Inuit and Native art in Toronto, Craft Ontario Shop (formerly The Guild Shop) continues to support and be supported by the rich history and culture of Canada’s Indigenous people.
11. Prowling Bear Sold out
10. Heads Up Sold out
09. Blushing Bird Sold out
08. Fox

08. Fox

07. Flight Sold out

07. Flight

06. Basking Walrus Sold out
05. Summer Treat Sold out
04. Sedna’s Creation Sold out
03. Owl’s Reflection Sold out
02. Braiding My Hair
01. Floral Transformation Sold out
Whale Basket
Mother and Child
Bear Reflection
Skin Drying by Passa Mangiuk
Fetching Water by Passa Mangiuk
Eating by Passa Mangiuk


Cheering Him to Blossom by Qumaq Iyaituk (Mangiuk) Sold out
Stick Handling by Mary Paningajak (Alaku)
Birthday Wish by Mattiusi Iyaituk
Kayak by Maggie Nappartuk Sold out


2020 Cape Dorset Inuit Art Calendar
Medium Ulu Earrings by Mathew Nuqingak
Large Ulu Earrings by Mathew Nuqingak Sold out
Ulu Stud Earrings by Mathew Nuqingaq
Large Raven Earrings by Mathew Nuqingaq
Inukshuk Earrings by Mathew Nuqingaq Sold out
Qayaq Earrings by Mathew Nuqingaq
Small Raven Earrings by Mathew Nuqingaq Sold out


Eagle with Fish




Raven's Alarm, 2001 by Kananginak Pootoogook
Attempted Flight, 1997 by Kananginak Pootoogook
Rock Ptarmigan by Kananginak Pootoogook Sold out