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Supporting Canadian artists and craftspeople since 1931
Supporting artists and craftspeople since 1931

Lidded Basket


This hand-woven basket is both functional and beautiful!

Grass, thread
12 cm tall, 22 cm diameter

Sarah Mickiyuk is a sculptor and weaving artists living in Sanikiluaq Nunavut. In 1998, she obtained a certificate in Basket and Dollmaking from the Nunavut Arctic College. Most-known for her sea lymegrass baskets adorned with birds, seals and owls carvings; she mostly works with argillite, for which her community is famous. Mickiyuk travels to Qullisajanniavik (Tukajak Island), where she spends several weeks collecting stones to use for her works. She goes as far as Kuujjuarapik Quebec to gather sea lyme, which she distributes to the women of her community so that they can make baskets.