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Janet Macpherson


Janet began studying ceramics at Sheridan College in 1999, and in 2008 she began her MFA in ceramics at The Ohio State University, where she explored a more figurative approach to ceramics.  She has shown her new work extensively in exhibitions internationally.

In 2016 Janet was commissioned by the Gardiner Museum in Toronto to create a solo exhibition that responded to Canada's 150th anniversary of Confederation. The project consisted of four sculpture / audio installations and three video works by Toronto artist Renée Lear called A Canadian Bestiary.

Using molds cast from toy animals, hunting decoys and religious statues, Macpherson re-composes these objects to create forms that subtly reveal a discomforting reality. Animal heads and bodies are interchanged, and faces are masked and obscured. Wrapping forms in damp porcelain sheets, binding and bandaging the figures, Macpherson examines the boundaries between devotion and coercion, pleasure and pain, animal impulse and domesticity.