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Jean Pierre Schoss

Jean Pierre SchossUXBRIDGE, ON

Jean Pierre Schoss works with the human form and images from nature. His work is created by recycling steel from oil tanks, farm implements or any found steel that is thick enough to be used. He cuts apart, heats and recreates the steel in order to orchestrate his ideas.

Artist Statement "I enjoy humour and cartoons. My work often makes people laugh…I make a variety of creatures that can be installed in interaction with one another. You can play by putting a 6-foot alligator in the bushes near a group of unsuspecting sheep. My work invites you to play. I want to create what makes people happy.

I use recycled materials for a number of reasons. Oil tanks are costly to cut up and recycle so the scrap yards don’t want them. I began using oil tanks, water tanks and propane tanks to save money because the steel was so expensive. The material has a lot of character and always tells a life story. It has a lot more to say than a big, expensive sheet of new grey steel. Some tanks have many layers and colors of paint on them from being painted over the years to match houses and cottages. I never see just a steel object. I see the new life waiting to come out of it.”

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