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Supporting Canadian artists and craftspeople since 1931
Supporting artists and craftspeople since 1931

Faceted Crystal Pendant

Options: Copper Blue Opaline 2

TheseåÊpendants are madeåÊof faceted glass that gives them depth and shine! The crystals are hand faceted, soåÊeach necklace is unique.åÊ

Approximately 2.5 x 1.75 cm, 18 " beaded satellite chain
Kiln-formed and hand-faceted recycled crystal, sterling silveråÊchain

Emerging artist Gabriela Wilson is best known for her work incorporating glass and metal, and her technical approach with minimalistic contemporary aesthetics. Her work explores the tactile and transformative qualities of glass, with a focus in kiln formed glass. Her former studies in jewellery and gemmology influence in her approach to glass.

Gabriela has studied at numerous institutes across North America, including Craft and Design at Sheridan College with a major in glass, graduate of 2014. She has received multiple awards; including grants from the Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts.