Notched Brass Cuff
Gold Star Web Ring
Rose Gold Circles Ring
Gold Bowl Ring with Pearl
Stoneware Stud Earrings
Graduated King’s Chain Necklace
Forged Earrings

Forged Earrings

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Marrakesh Tassel Earrings Sold out
Salmon Leather Bracelet
Baleen Star Earrings
Scrimshaw Pendant
Geometric Stud
Pebble Studs Sold out
Braided Circular Stud Sold out
Minimalist Oval Stud Sold out
Chrysanthemum Ring
Tooth Brooch
Baleen Earrings
Leaf Cuff

Leaf Cuff

Leaf Earrings
Iglu Ring

Iglu Ring

Ten Twig Ring
Six Twig Necklace
Physalis Earrings
Branch Pendant Sold out
Hammered Band
Bay of Fundy Necklace
Gulf of St-Lawrence Cufflinks
Great Lakes Pendant
Rind Earrings Sold out
Rind Pendant
Line Pendant
Hammered Silver Bracelet
Spiral Ring
Vase Pendant
Scallop Earrings