Medium Ulu Earrings by Mathew Nuqingak
Large Ulu Earrings by Mathew Nuqingak
Ulu Stud Earrings by Mathew Nuqingaq
Large Raven Earrings by Mathew Nuqingaq
Inukshuk Earrings by Mathew Nuqingaq
Qayaq Earrings by Mathew Nuqingaq
Small Raven Earrings by Mathew Nuqingaq
Liminal Earrings I by Kotoba Jewellery
Liminal Ring by Kotoba Jewellery
Puffed Triangle Stud Earrings by Margaret Lim
Gold Puffed Triangle Pendant by Margaret Lim
Small Puffed Triangle Earring by Margaret Lim
Merge Earrings by Shelbey Dodds
Junction Earrings by Shelbey Dodd
Junction Earrings - Dark Green by Shelbey Dodds
Wobble Pendant by Shelbey Dodds
Near Sphere Stud by Shelbey Dodds
Putty Brooch by Shelbey Dodds
Symmetry Earrings by Patrycja Zwierzynska
Symmetry earrings with chains by Patrycja Zwierzynska
Radiolarian Brooch by Patrycja Zwierzynska
Herringbone Earrings by Patrycja Zwierzynska
Drop Cage Earrings
Every Picture Tells a Story
Jester Brooch
Mini Maple Leaf Studs
Crane Dangle Earrings Sold out
Maple Leaf Dangle Earrings
Maple Leaf Studs
Two Blooms Pin
Triple Bloom Pin
Large Bloom Pin
Triple Bloom Earrings
Single Bloom Earrings
Nugget Necklace Lg.
Nugget Necklace Sm.
Fold Pin

Fold Pin

Triple Key Pendant
Notched Brass Cuff
Gold Star Web Ring
Rose Gold Circles Ring
Gold Bowl Ring with Pearl
Stoneware Stud Earrings
Graduated King’s Chain Necklace
Forged Earrings

Forged Earrings

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Marrakesh Tassel Earrings Sold out