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Always Board

Options: Butternut Wave

Unique serving trays with rainbow inlays! Locally-sourced live edge woods are paired with pressure-dyed Canadian maple plywood to create beautiful and fun pieces. They are finished with Osmo TopOil for protection. These pieces are food safe, and should be wiped clean with a damp cloth. 

Black walnut, butternut & willow, coloured plywood
Approx. dimensions:
Black Walnut Rainbow -  2 x 18 x 44.5 cm
Black Walnut Neon Blue Fade  -  2.5 x 42 x 26.5 cm
Black Walnut Vesica Piscis  -  1.5 x 42.5 x 20 cm
Butternut Wave  -  1.2 x 23 x 49.5 cm
Willow Sunbeam  -  2.5 x 46 x 47 cm

Jen Wilson started woodworking in 2017 at the London Community Woodshop, where she excels on the CNC. She is now a part-time woodshop assistant there, and also teaches the CNC to members. She uses scrap wood and adheres to a philosophy of creating as little Waste as possible, so she uses all she can and even saves the multi-colored sawdust.