Cheese Knives

by Stefanie Dueck
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Knives measure 8" in length

Hand-hammered stainless steel with brass handle.

With reverence for the past, Stefanie enjoys employing traditional techniques in
unconventional ways. Both sculptural and functional pieces are driven by process and an experimental spirit.
The malleable condition of hot metal is evident within her work. She strives to push the medium's ability to be beaten, bent, stretched, and twisted, forging pieces that are distinct in form and texture. Pieces reflects the geometry of
industrial structures, balanced with the fluidity of the handmade. Stefanie’s work is an ongoing exploration of the parallels between the patterns found in industry, and the mechanics of natural forms. Her line of flatware is made entirely from
lead-free, food safe metals. Each piece is designed to be enjoyed as a functional object, as well as an object of art.