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Micheline Roi

Micheline RoiKEENE, ON

Heeding the call of design, and a joy of working with her hands, Micheline enrolled in George Brown College’s jewellery design program. The skills she learned in this program, along with years spent in the museums and fashion districts of Montreal, New York, San Francisco and Toronto, are what inform her bold, colourful, and contemporary statement jewellery.

Micheline Roi’s production work appears under the label atelier J contemporary jewelry, which she founded in 2015. Micheline has developed several distinctive lines of functional jewellery that can be purchased in boutiques, in exhibition, and online.

In addition to production pieces, Micheline’s practice includes more experimental work that explores the role of line and colour in the articulation form. She participated in the The Contemporary Jewelry Exchange in 2016, and the Toronto Design Offsite Festival in 2017.