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Cone Head

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Unique porcelain figurines find new life in the Cone Head series!

Porcelain figurines, recycled yarn, pine cones
Approx. 10" x 10" x 50"

Interested in how nature is interconnected with material culture, Coneheads were initially created to point to how the natural world is tied up with that which is manufactured. Upon further research into the definition of 'conehead', I was surprised to learn, although often used in a dispariging way, that a conehead is infact "an intellectual, especially one with little or no interest in mundane affairs." I find it interesting that society often puts down those who are deeply thinking and doing. These little entanglements now serve as talismans of strength and appreciation for those who have ever been ridiculed for having and using their brilliant minds.

Jill Price is an interdisciplinary Canadian artist of German, Scottish, Welsh and unknown descent grateful to be living, working and playing on the traditional territory of the Wendat Nation and Anishinaabeg people in Barrie, Ontario. Working at the at the intersections of craft, drawing, and performance, Price is interested in the histories and agency of materials. Currently a SSHRC PhD Research Fellow in Cultural Studies at Queen's University, Price is investigating how different methods of unmaking can help usher in more equitable, sustainable and ethical worlds. To read more about Price's practice visit