Online Collection

Our online collection is a selection of work that can be found in Craft Ontario Shop. If you'd like to know more, please give us a call at 416.921.1721
soap bottle by Courtney Downman
Small Matte Bottom Yellow Bowl
Small Matte Bottom Purple Bowl
Symmetry Earrings by Patrycja Zwierzynska
Symmetry earrings with chains by Patrycja Zwierzynska
Radiolarian Brooch by Patrycja Zwierzynska
Herringbone Earrings by Patrycja Zwierzynska
(Bird with red and green)
(Bird with red berries)


(Cigarettes in the Arctic)


(Camp with Ski-doo)
(Hunting Party)
(Two Owls)

(Two Owls)

(Owls and Vase)
(Orange Sky)
(Summer River)
(Three Tents)
(Summer Tent with Waterfall)
Drop Cage Earrings
Every Picture Tells a Story
Jester Brooch