Craft Ontario Shop (formerly The Guild Shop) continues to support and be supported by the rich history and culture of Canada’s Indigenous people.
Guiding Sedna
Checkered Bear
Cotton Grass
String of Pearls
One Penny
Northern Delicacy
White Raven
Octopuses, 2017
Tagging Along Stonecut Print
Ulukuluit Print
Iluit and Shells Stencil
31. Baleen, 2019
30. Okpik Selfie Sold out
29. Cozy Walrus
27. Stepping Out Sold out
26. Young Inuk
25. Brazen Rival
24. First Catch
23. Massive Bowhead
22. Frenzy
21. Namonai’s Tent
20. Sparkling Bird
19. Rippling Birds
17. Opposite Attraction
16. Solitary Iceberg
15. Above the Storm
14. Aerial Pursuit
13. Gaggle of Geese
11. Qimutisik (Dog Team)
08. Shoreline Mystery
07. Silaqituq (Bright Evening)
06. Nunavut Vampire
05. Mosaic Bird
04. Naimaut
03. Triumphant Loon
Riding a Walrus Print
Tundra Hawk Print
Geese Surprised by a Man Print
Fisherwoman Print