Three dimensional visual art, pieces to be handed down and for everyday enrichment.
Large Black Sheep Sculpture
Dancing Rabbit
Dancing Rabbit Sold out
Egg with Crossed Legs
Egg with Legs - Bump
Small Dancing Bear Sold out
Dog Carving
Two Caribou Sculpture
Copper Raku Bird Sculpture
Lidded Basket with Seal Sculpture
Three Owl Sculpture
Bone Bug Inuit Carving
Inuit Caterpillar Carving
Huernia Zebrina Sculpture
Gold Raku Bird Sold out
Transformation Sculpture
Bear Sculpture Sold out
Striped Polar Bear Sculpture
Polar Bear Sculpture Sold out
Prowling Bear Sculpture
Ceramic Headstand Ring Holders
Burial - Ceramic Sculpture
Walrus by Pootoogook Qiatsuq
Drum Dancer by George Arlook Sold out
Desk by Ning Ashoona

by Ning Ashoona

Fish by Toonoo Sharky

by Toonoo Sharky

Arctic Hare by Pitseolak Qimirpik