Thoughtfully designed and skillfully crafted objects are appreciated for their enduring quality – as pieces to be handed down and for everyday enjoyment.
Juniper Charcuterie Knife by Laura Pitkanen
Small Juniper Knife by Laura Pitkanen
Juniper Knife by Laura Pitkanen
Supreme Small Knife by Arbutus Arts
Medium Knife by Arbutus Arts
Platter by Joon He Kim
Small Matte Bottom Yellow Bowl by Courtney Downman
Small Matte Bottom Purple Bowl by Courtney Downman
Silver Maple Bowl
Subtle Smooth Mug
Fish Motif Large Serving Bowl
Picket Fence Mug
Large Xylen Decanter
XYLEN Small Decanter by Brad Copping
Twisty Cup
Chickadee Inlay Serving Tray
Rebeer Symbol Beer Glass
Speckle Dessert Cup
Flourish Oval Platter
Small Bowl by Aneela Dias-D'Sousa
Canada Syrup Bottle