Thoughtfully designed and skillfully crafted objects are appreciated for their enduring quality – as pieces to be handed down and for everyday enjoyment.
Moonwake Cup by Brad Copping
Flourish Tea Mug
Wee Nip Cup
Smash Serving Spoon by Stefanie Dueck
Floral Mug
Landscape Mug by Lesley McInally
Smash Spoon by Stefanie Dueck
Burst Mug
Moonwake Bud Vases
Smash Condiment Spoon by Stefanie Dueck
Rowboat Salt Cellar Sold out
Graphic Turquoise Butter Dishes
Lace Tumbler
Mahogany Servers by Karel Aelterman
Skull Shakers
Fish Motif Rinsing Bowl
Chevron Bowls
Flourish Spoon Rest
Fish motif mug
Handmade wooden salad servers
Speckled Fluted Cup
Large Nerikomi Bowl
Medium Nerikomi Bowl
Low Medium Nerikomi Bowl
Small Nerikomi Bowl
Salamander Inlay Serving Tray
Triangular Serving Bowls
Layered Glaze Bowls
Raven Horn Serving Spoons
Lighthouse Coffee Scoop
Handyman Bottle Opener