Thoughtfully designed and skillfully crafted objects are appreciated for their enduring quality – as pieces to be handed down and for everyday enjoyment.
Moonwake Cups
Tea Mug

Tea Mug

Floral Mug
Smash Serving Spoon by Stefanie Dueck
Skull Shakers
Cherry Salad Bowl Sold out
Burst Mug
Cheese Knives
Wee Nip Cup
Spoon Rest
Handmade wooden salad servers

Salad Servers

from $75.00
Mahogany Servers by Karel Aelterman
Small Walnut Bowl by Jeremy Gawen
Smash Serving Spoon Set by Stefanie Dueck
Smash Spoon by Stefanie Dueck

Smash Spoon

from $48.00
Platter with Monkeys by Joon Hee Kim Sold out
Tall Canister with Cork by Aneela Dias-D'Sousa
Platter by Joon He Kim

Tart Trays

Small Matte Bottom Yellow Bowl by Courtney Downman
Small Matte Bottom Purple Bowl by Courtney Downman
Silver Maple Bowl
Burst Bowl

Burst Bowl

Subtle Smooth Mug
Subtle Texture Mug
Marbled Mug Sold out
Fish Motif Serving Bowl Sold out
Fish Motif Rinsing Bowl
Swirl Mug
Picket Fence Mug
Live Edge Wood Bowl
Raw Edge Wood Bowl Sold out
Beech Wood Bowl Sold out
Large Xylen Decanter
XYLEN Small Decanter by Brad Copping
XYLEN Tumblers by Brad Copping
ceramic teapot with white etching
Glaze Gradient Tumblers
Tutti Fruiti Tea Towel
Linen Tea Towel
Twisty Cup
Inlay Wood Tray

Inlay Wood Tray

from $400.00
Rebeer Symbol Beer Glass
Speckle Dessert Cup