Thoughtfully designed and skillfully crafted objects are appreciated for their enduring quality – as pieces to be handed down and for everyday enjoyment.
Moonwake Cups
Flourish Tea Mug
Glaze Gradient Mug
Smash Serving Spoon by Stefanie Dueck Sold out
Landscape Mug by Lesley McInally

Landscape Mug

from $49.00
Floral Mug
Burst Mug
Wee Nip Cup
Skull Shakers
Cherry Salad Bowl Sold out
Subtle Texture Mug Sold out
Live Edge Large Maple Bowl
Cheese Knives Sold out
Flourish Spoon Rest
Fish motif mug
Handmade wooden salad servers

Salad Servers

from $75.00
Scribble Mug
City Bowl
Flying Birds Bowl
Pattern Swatch Bowl
Violet Ovoid by Jared Last
Ruby Soft Cone by Jared Last
Grey Necked Bottle by Jared Last
Copper Blue Barrel by Jared Last
Cerulean Amphora by Jared Last
Lime Trumpet by Jared Last
At the Junction Mug
Red Maple Large Salad Bowl
Repeat Flower Pattern Dish
Leaf Motif Small Serving Bowl
Espresso Cup by Sean Robinson
Landscape Jug by Sean Robinson
Medium Landscape Bowl by Sean Robinson
Window Scenery Tapered Mug
Monochrome Glaze Gradient Mug
Stoney Plate (Small) by Queenie Xu
Stoney Plate (Medium) by Queenie Xu
Stoney Plate (Large) by Queenie Xu
Mountain Tumbler by Queenie Xu
Mountain Cup by Queenie Xu