Dancing Doodle #2 Wallhanging

by Loretta Faveri
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Dancing Doodle #2 is a section of a larger doodle; these "doodled compositions" are turned into stencils and monotype prints. The Duralar stencil/plate hovers over the print creating a 3D effect and allows the viewer to see all components of the printing process. The print is framed with museum glass that provides UV protection and no glare. This makes the piece more accessible to the viewer, allowing them to enjoy the details and shadows created by the work.

Japanese paper (Kozuke), Duralar, beeswax, ink, straight pins - mounted on archival foam board
25.5 x 25.5 x 4.5cm

Loretta Faveri is a Toronto based visual artist and maker. After graduating from OCAD University’s Material Art and Design program in 2012, she spent several years working with dancers and exploring wearable sensors that generate sound through movement. Feeling creatively limited in this field, she returned to her craft practices of stitching and printmaking and exhibiting her work. Faveri has been sober for over two years and participates in a recovery group at St. Joseph’s Health Centre. She recently received an Ontario Arts Council grant that will bring artmaking and mindfulness to her recovery community. 

Much of Faveri’s recent work draws from her “bin of flawed prints". Self-compassion and forgiveness are at the root of her work. Through the act of cutting and tearing up her “rejected” prints, she frees herself from judgement and by stitching the fragments together again, she builds something new and optimistic from them. The new work becomes a metaphor for healing from a painful past.