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Ship it FREE within Canada, on purchases $150 or more 📦


Resplendent Bird

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An original drawing.

Coloured pencil and ink on paper
Approx. 51 x 66 cm
Late 1980s

Aoudla Pudlat was a prolific and versatile artist from Kinngait (Cape Dorset), NU. Pudlat practised in many styles and mediums, becoming renowned as both a lithographer and illustrator. He began as a sculptor in the mid 1960s carving subjects such as families, northern wildlife and Sedna. In the 1970s Pudlat started drawing and began an apprenticeship at the Kinngait Studios. His work first appeared in the Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection in 1980 and continued to appear in subsequent collections, alongside lithographs he had produced of other artists’ works. Honing his artistic skill set, Pudlat came to both illustrate and print his own compositions for the catalogue by the 1990s.

Reg no. 055-1728