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Long Flight


2021 CAPE DORSET Annual Print Collection

Paper: Kizuki Kozo White
Printer: Qavavau Manumie
44.5 x 58.5 cm 
(17 1/2 x 23 in.)

Saimaiyu Akesuk (b. 1988)
Saimaiyu Akesuk was born in Iqaluit but she has lived in Cape Dorset her whole life. Her parents are Lau Akesuk and Olayuk Akesuk who was one of the first Members of the Legislative Assembly in Nunavut. Saimaiyu was inspired to start drawing by Ningeokuluk Teevee while they were taking a class together at the Nunavut Teaching Education Program. 

Saimaiyu’s confident drawings of birds and bears are characterized by her bold and dynamic simplicity rendered with soft tenderness and quite often a touch of whimsy. Her simple and dynamic images pay homage to her grandfather the esteemed sculptor Latchaolassie Akesuk.