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Misty Ravens


2021 CAPE DORSET Annual Print Collection

Etching & Chine Collé
Paper: Arches White
Printer: Studio PM
40 x 48.5 cm (15 3/4 x 17 in.)

Olooreak Etungat
Olooreak Etungat is the adopted daughter of esteemed Cape Dorset artists Abraham Etungat and Ishuhungitok Etungat. Although raised by sculptors, Olooreak has experimented with drawing since she was a child. She did make sculpture for a while, but drawing is her preferred medium for artistic expression.

Olooreak's drawings often contrast the constraints and behaviours of traditional Inuit culture with contemporary life in the north. Her works often describe the roles of northern women and their southern counterparts who simultaneously cope with studies, family obligations, and employment.